Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Men are Idiots.

Maybe not all men, but at least some are. Why is it that some men think they deserve better than what they have, when what they have is better than they deserve?

Keep it in your pants, boys. If it's really that bad, and you really need it that much, get with the program, and end things before starting new things.

I need to invent a machine that not-so-gently castrates a man as soon as he tries to cheat. End of problem.


  1. Um. Is there something you'd like to tell us? I haven't watched the video yet, still have little ears in the room with me

  2. Best friends husband has been doing a little skank dance on the side. I am extra ranty this week.

  3. Castrate? OMG! LOL! I think I stumbled across a page not meant for men. However, as a man, I learned at an early age that lying was never necessary. There are way too many single women in the world for a man to lie to one. If you don't want an exclusive relationship, then tell her. Just make sure she understands it.